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62340 ANDRES

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OPALE Miniatures Society will send every these parcels as fast as possible by the Post Office or by a carrier. Parcels can be followed by the buyer until he receives them.

In case of transport by Colissimo, your parcel will be put back to you against signature and identity card.

If your order contains products in stock and the others recorded, you will receive your parcel when all your products will be available.

In case of absence, a calling card will be put down in your box in letters. This one will specify the instructions allowing you to get back your parcel to your Post Office.

OPALE Miniatures will be not responsible for delays knowing that the deadlines are given only as a rough guide as well as available stocks at the manufacturers. The deliveries will be sent either in the billing address, or in the particular address other one than that of the ivoicing.

In case of error of address and phone number of the addressee of the order, OPALE Miniatures Society would be have for person in charge of the impossibility of delivery. The expenses of fowarding will be chargeable to the Customer.

For the transport costs, see board below.

In case of partial delivery, additional transport costs will be asked. For any piece of information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Austria17,85 €
Belgium13,40 €
Czech republic29,00 €
Denmark17,85 €
Finland22,10 €
France11,00 €
Germany13,40 €
Great-Britain16,00 €
Greece29,00 €
Hungary29,00 €
Iceland29,00 €
Ireland17,85 €
Italy16,00 €
Luxembourg13,40 €
Netherland13,40 €
Norway22,10 €
Poland29,00 €
Portugal17,85 €
Slovakia29,00 €
Slovenia29,00 €
Spain16,00 €
Sweden22,10 €
Switzerland16,00 €